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The newly created portal is designed to become a platform for experts and intellectuals from Central and Eastern Europe, embodying the liberal environment, to share their opinions and ideas. Representatives of 14 think tanks from various countries including Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany will regularly publish comments, analyses and polemics encompassing political, economic, social and cultural life, as well as subjects of heated debate in the media, shown from a Central European perspective. The main aim of the portal is to make this point of view easily accessible to wider international audiences through publications exclusively in English. Portal is coordinated and managed by the team of the liberal portal and is published by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Experts, intellectuals and researchers from the Western world, interested in Central European issues, might find it quite difficult to reach information and comments coming from representatives of the countries in question. portal aims to fill this gap by providing high quality comments and analyses by Central European professionals, gathered on one easily accessible webpage.

Through the cooperation of authors from numerous countries the portal intends to be the widest and most objective source of information on regional issues in the liberal context. It is supposed to become a place for a liberal debate and exchange of thought. By updating the webpage on regular basis with the newest events from all the think tanks involved, and weekly with the articles and comments, we intend to establish a dynamic portal, arousing and keeping the interest of wide target groups.