Based in Krakow, New Eastern Europe ( a non-profit quarterly journal published in English, and the sister edition of Nowa Europa Wschodnia (, a Polish journal published by the non-profit College of Eastern Europe ( New Eastern Europe focuses on Central/Eastern European affairs and presents its readers with provocative texts, in-depth analyses and stimulating reports from the countries of Eastern Europe. The purpose of this new English edition is to show the unique view of this region, which we call the new Eastern Europe, from a perspective inside Poland and those countries to our East, as well as from top experts and thinkers from around the globe.



Association for Liberal Thinking was established in December 1992. The objectives of ALT as a non-profit, non-governmental organization are to introduce to Turkish public the richness of the intellectual tradition that lay at heart of the liberal democratic civilization to engage in activities that promote understanding and acceptance of values and concepts like liberty, justice, tolerance, peace, human rights, the rule of law, to encourage academic researches on liberal themes; and to contribute to finding effective solutions to Turkey’s political and economic problems within liberal thought.


Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis advocates ideas of the Austrian School of Economics and classical liberal principles of individual liberty and free market, private property, rule of law, privatisation, deregulation and limited government, fiscal discipline, flat tax and sound money. The Centre advocates transatlantic security framework and European integration as a framework of free single market and competition.

Association for Promotion of Individual Liberty “Iustitia” advocates  principles of inalienable rights to life and private property, individual liberty and responsibility, rule of law, limited government, free enterprise and competition.