Republikon Institute

Republikon Institute logoBudapest, Hungary


Republikon Institute is a liberal think tank organisation based in Budapest, focusing on analysing Hungarian and international politics, formulating policy recommendations and initiating projects that contribute to a more open, democratic and free society. The goal of the Institute is to promote discussion and implementation of liberal ideas, approaches and policies.

Through political analyses, quantitative research and extensive media studies, Republikon aims to influence the public debate by shedding light on the operations of the government and the different political parties. Republikon is also constantly monitoring government policy with regards to healthcare, education, the economy, tolerance and human rights issues. Weekly reports contain an authoritative summary of the week’s events while regular policy papers provide more in-depth analyses of policy trends.

Republikon Institute places great emphasis on organising events that give an opportunity for decision makers, academics and experts to interact and share ideas on various current political and policy issues.