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Intitute”s publications:


  • INESS, Analysis of the Social System in Slovakia, 2006

  • INESS, Proposals for Solving the Major Drawbacks of the Slovak Social System, 2007

  • INESS, Healthy Profit, 2007 (Book)

  • Juraj Karpiš, Slovak Health Care Reform – Is the Dream Over?, 2007–Is-the-Dream-Over.html

  • Radovan Ďurana, Tax System Slovakia, 2008 p. 120

  • Radovan Ďurana, Can Slovakia affort an increase in tax rates?, 2009 Slovakia affort an increase in tax rates.pdf

  • Philipp Bagus, online casino’s The Tragedy Of Euro, translation (in cooperation with TRIM Brokers) 2011  (Book)

  • Juraj Karpiš, The Economic Importance of Gold as a Commodity with Monetary Demand, 2012 (Book)

  • INESS, Market Finesse, monthly basis

  • The INESS Policy Note: The levels of public deficits in new member States are more worrying than it looks but a tax rate increase is no solution—the case of Slovakia, 2010 Policy Note 2010 November.pdf

  • The INESS Policy Note:  State support for housing is associated with high degree of wasting, 2011 Policy Note 2011 Marec.pdf

  • The INESS Policy Note: Why Slovakia should refuse the EFSF, 2011