New Slovak Government Almost Completed

photo: Jorge Andrade

As The Slovak Spectator writes on March 19 Robert Fico confirmed next nominations for the ministers in his government – Martin Glváč will become defence minister and Peter Žiga will serve as environment minister. The new government will take office next week, on April 4.

The Slovak Spectator summarized already known nominations in a new government: Robert Kalinak will serve as interior minister, Peter Kazimir as minister of finance, Jan Pociatek as minister of transport, Tomas Borec as justice minister, Miroslav Lajcak as foreign minister, Jan Richter as labour minister, Zuzana Zvolenska as health minister, Jan Valko as economy minister, Dusan Caplovic as education minister and Marek Madaric as culture minister.

Speculations are that Lubomir Jahnatek will be appointed agriculture minister with Stanislav Becik as state secretary.

photo: Jorge Andrade

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