Pharmacies for Pharmacists: Policy Proposal Against Patients and the Polish Constitution

Bill Brooks || Creative Commons

Policy proposal presented by the parliamentary representatives of the ruling Law and Justice party will restrict the number of new pharmacies and reduce growth and investments – pharmacies in countries with liberal legislation invest more. Polish economy needs less regulation and more investment, which has been noticed even in the speeches of Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Therefore, Law and Justice’s policy regarding pharmacies is in contradiction to the Polish government’s declarations and plans to promote higher economic growth.

According to the legislation proposed by Law and Justice, a permit to establish a new pharmacy will not be given if a municipality has less than 3,000 inhabitants for one pharmacy, if this pharmacy is built in a distance less than 1 km from another pharmacy and if a person who has established the pharmacy is not a pharmacist. The first requirement makes it almost impossible to build a new pharmacy in many parts of Poland. These new regulations are against the European liberalization trend – in the recent years, 17 countries decided to liberalize their rules about establishing new pharmacies and only 4 countries implemented new restrictions.

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