Results of a Survey on Economy in Central Europe

photo: Dann Toliver

As The Slovak Spectator writes, the results of the Central European Opinion Research Group’s survey concerning current economic situation in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary show that majority of citizens view the economic situation of their country negatively.

76% of surveyed Slovaks said that current economic situation in their country is bad, it was viewed positively only by 3%. 62% of Czechs see the economic situation in their country as negative, 7% consider it to be positive. In Hungary the percentage of those negatively assessing the economy is the highest – 85%, only 1% think positively about current economic situation in their country. Contrary to Poland, where only 36% view the economic situation as bad and 22% expressed positive opinion.

photo: Dann Toliver

Both in Poland and in Hungary around 12% of those surveyed expect improvement, in Slovakia it was 11% and in Czech Republic only 4%. Majority of surveyed in all the countries expect deterioration of economic situation in their country (73% in Czech Republic, 54% in Hungary, 46% in Slovakia and 36% in Poland).

More about the survey here.