Last winter, the polls of trust for Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski varied between strong 60 to 80%. Almost no one could have predicted that only four months later he will lose the elections to a young, 43 years old, unknown presidential candidate of the radically right Law and Justice party. Komorowski, supported by the Civic Platform, was defeated twice. And this means that we have entered a completely new age of Polish politics.

photo: roger4336

Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day is officially celebrated on March 23. On this occassion, as the portal www.thenews.pl writes, Polish President Bronisław Komorowski is going to visit Hungary. First there will be celebrations held in Budapest, in which Hungarian counterpart President Pal Schmitt will also take part. On Friday celebrations will be held in Szeged. On the occassion of Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day a plaque will be unveiled in Budapest and both Presidents will plant oak trees as…