The F. A. Hayek Foundation

The F. A. Hayek Foundation logoBratislava, Slovakia


The F. A. Hayek Foundation Bratislava – is an independent and non-political, non-profit organization, founded in 1991, by a group of free-market oriented Slovak economists.

The core mission of the F. A. Hayek Foundation is to establish a tradition of market-oriented thinking in Slovakia – an approach that had not existed before the 1990’s in our region. From this classic liberal tradition, to offer practical reform proposals for market solutions to economic and social problems; in the reform process to widen and propagate throughout Slovakia classic liberal ideas, provide a platform to exchange of ideas of experts and the broader public, and develop the basic liberal ideas and values.

The F. A. Hayek Foundation remains active in several main issues of public policy: improvement of business environment, pension reform, taxation, social system, public finance, EU integration and harmonization, privatization, education reform, and many others. Members of the foundation served as chief aides to, and were ideological fathers of, several public policy reforms, such as the pension reform (the core system proposal later adopted by the government was developed by the foundation’s experts), introduction of flat tax, privatization of utilities, to mention the most important ones.