“In what myth does a man live nowadays? (…) What is your myth – the myth in which you do live?” – once asked Carl Jung. The answer that I/we live in a story probably would not satisfy the master, but… for now, I have no other. They lead us through life from event to event, interweaving between what is important to us, edifying or ruinous; between moments when we wonder who and what we are for; when we choose the direction we decide to go.

The migration policy of Europe can only be built on the true needs: of Europeans and refugees. It will only work when it responds to the needs, dreams, and desires: of security, economy, logistics, and dignity. To understand these needs, we must engage in dialogue.

Despite the initial signs of crisis, the job market remains a prevailing trend. This means that there are many job offers, making it harder for employers to find the right person to join their company. Headhunters come to the rescue, using appropriate tools, databases, and portals to find potentially the best candidates. What are the key secrets to effective recruitment?

climate change

The impacts of climate change are already noticeable. Cities are particularly affected by this trend. It is time to prepare cities for the consequences of climate change, focusing on the most effective measures. A new study by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation reveals how cities all around the world are tackling the challenge.

The gluttony of the holidays marks not only the end of your capacity to feast more but also the end of the year. Your stocks I am sure are full of presents, and you want to catch up with your reading list. Lest you are too efficient and devour all your books here are a couple of recommendations for the next year.

Russian speakers

Europe woke up in a different reality on February 24, 2022. Shocked, angered, frightened, stressed, outraged – we can probably find many words to describe the primal and visceral feelings of people. But there was one very clear-cut line: whether or not one supported Ukraine which fell victim to the barbaric and criminal Russian invasion. This was a turning point for many things, including shifting identities for many Latvian Russian-speakers.

In August 2023, an article exposing financial support from public funds for the animal farming sector was published in The Guardian. These entities receive over a thousand times more funding from the government fund than plant farmers, thereby blocking alternative access to funds from the European Union. Similar situations occur in the United States, where farms receive eight hundred times more funding from the state than those cultivating only plants.