4liberty.eu N E W S L E T T E R [MARCH 2022]

Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts: Trompe-l’oeil: Letter Rack with an Hourglass, a Razor and Scissors (ca. 1664) // Public domain

The March issue of the 4liberty.eu Newsletter provides an overview of the articles published on the 4liberty.eu website, serving as a starting point for further exploration.

Andriy Boytsun, Dmytro Yablonovskyi & Oleksandr Lysenko (FOR): No Business with Aggressor
Cooperating with Russia is no more a legal threat due to sanctions nor a mere corporate responsibility issue. It has become a much more fundamental issue of morality.
Toni Skoric (FNF):
Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán strives not to be associated with Putin’s regime, just like his European allies Marine Le Pen in France and Mateo Salvini in Italy.

Robert Chovanculiak (INESS):

Let’s Not Be Intimidated by Private Schools but Take Them as Opportunity

In Slovakia, we need more alternatives, more private schools to help all children. Especially in a situation where we have 2.6% of children attending private primary schools.

ELF & Liberte!:

China and War in Ukraine [PODCAST]

In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Leszek Jażdżewski (Fundacja Liberté!) welcomes Alicja Bachulska, a MapInfluenCE China analyst in Poland and a member of China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe (CHOICE). They talk about the impact of the Russian aggression in Ukraine in a more global context – with the focus on China.
Martin Reguli (F.A. Hayek Foundation):
In the age when disinformation penetrates the mainstream of political discussions, the Ukrainian conflict has worked as a wake-up call, undoing decades of propaganda by the Kremlin. Even more so, it may have turned the tides on cheap economic nationalism, which has plagued the discussion over the last few years.

Unhack Democracy & FNF:

Defend Democracy, It Will Defend You

Unhack Democracy’s year-long investigation into the April 2018 Hungarian Parliamentary elections indicates Prime Minister Viktor Orbán secured his one-seat supermajority thanks to a combination of outright fraud, gerrymandering and by engineering the electoral system.
Petar Ganev (IME):
In March 2022, the IME released the movie 2% in Your Municipality. It tells the story of the challenges faced by the local government in Bulgaria, gives context to the debate regarding the financial autonomy of municipalities and presents in detail the idea of tax sharing – transferring 1/5 of income tax revenues in the country.