The modern debate on inequality is, in practice, a discussion about the morality of capitalism. To simplify this debate by presenting two opposing worlds – a capitalist society where skills and effort lead to inequality, and a socialist society where the state can secure equality – may be a good learning experience, but leaves aside the challenges that we face in the modern world.


The Slovenian experience with privatisation has been marked by two phenomena. First, the Slovenian State did not exit enough business – there was widespread failure to privatise. Second, the privatisation campaigns that were undertaken suffered from several severe problems – there was widespread privatisation failure. Both phenomena were related even though the precise relationship can be modelled in several ways.


My, niżej podpisani przedstawiciele czternastu think tanków z ośmiu państw Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, będący członkami sieci 4liberty.eu, wzywamy przedstawicieli Komisji Europejskiej, Parlamentu Europejskiego oraz parlamentów narodowych do podjęcia decyzji opartej na rzeczowych dowodach ekonomicznych popartych badaniami i przyjęcia TTIP oraz wszystkich jego elementów, włącznie z mechanizmem ISDS.


We have the pleasure the present you the second of the series of our policy papers that we will be publishing in the near future. The publication discusses the issue of Gold-plating – the process where an EU directive is given additional powers when being transposed into the national laws of member states. Enjoy your reading!