Freedom Games in Poland Are Coming!

Freedom Games 2018
Freedom Games 2018

Two weeks from now, the next edition of Freedom Games, a leading intellectual event combining political, social, economic, and cultural themesorganized by Fundacja Liberte!, begins. Let us find out what is in store for the attendees this year!

The leading theme of the sixth edition of the forum is “How Democracies Win?”. Contrary to popular belief, democracy is not only about elections. It is a “social tissue”, institutions, political culture, a set of rules, norms, and behaviors, and finally, also a kind of social awareness. It is both a celebration of peoples’ choices and a manifestation of what those people see on the television or experience online.

Democracy without norms and rules is no longer democracy – just like a football match in which a referee does not call fouls is no longer a match, but rather a scuffle with a football somewhere in the background.

The year 1989 marked a great triumph of democracy. A crowning moment of what Samuel Huntington called “Democracy’s Third Wave”. This is precisely why the sixth edition of Freedom Games – to be held on September 13-15, 2019, in Lodz, Poland – shall serve as a space for discussing how democracies win after 30 years.

Freedom Games are a leading intellectual, educational, and cultural event in Poland. We host in Lodz outstanding intellectuals, representatives of culture, public life, and academia from Poland and abroad. Ambitious program remains open to all participants. Each day ends with a music concert.

The speakers who have already confirmed their participation in the 2019 forum include, among others: Masha Gessen, Bernard Guetta, Marek Belka, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Michał Boni, Katalin Cseh, Joanna Bator, Łukasz Orbitowski, Marek Safjan, Ewa Łętowska, Wojciech Sadurski, Tadeusz Gadacz, Andrzej Olechowski, Danuta Huebner, Barbara Nowacka, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, Tom Palmer, Marcin Meller, Justyna Kopińska, Sofia Nerband, Adam Bodnar, Krystian Lupa, Paweł Potoroczyn, Jarosław Gugała, Jurgen Martens, Daniel Kaddik, Bartosz Węglarczyk, Maja Ostaszewska, Joanna Kos-Krauze, Detmar Doering, Eliza Michalik, Daniel Milo.

The bands that are to perform this year: Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, LAO CHE, and Ørganek.

Among the planned themes to be discussed during the 2019 edition may be found, among others:

  • How democracies win?

  • Media Freedom in the 21st Century;

  • Women to Save Democracy?;

  • North/South: Two Visions of Europe?;

  • Migration Policy of the Future;

  • How to Reclaim Internet from Populists?;

  • Free Trade and Peace;

  • Disinformation in Political Campaigns;

  • Election Strategies of Democratic Movements in Contemporary Europe

  • New Perspectives on Modern Democracy;

  • LGBTQI Rights;

  • Education of the Youth;

  • Justice and Rule of Law n Poland;

  • Limits of Freedom of Speech in the 21st Century;

  • Sustainable Development of Towns and Cities;

  • Impact of Aging on Society;

  • Can Start-Ups Change Polish Mentality?;

  • Zero Waste and Circular Economy.

Find out more about the forthcoming edition:

Freedom Games are a meeting of individuals who are curious about the world and open to new ideas. It is a gathering of renowned experts and intellectuals and a discussion about the key challenges the Western societies must face in the 21st century. Being a unique interdisciplinary event of this kind held in Poland, its main objective is to offer a creative space for exchanging ideas between the representatives of culture, business, and public life, among others.

We build a leading intellectual event on an international scale. Freedom Games is a grassroots forum created by a non-governmental organization, connecting people who believe in such values as liberal democracy, open society, and the rule of law.

The 2018 edition of Freedom Games gathered in Lodz 3,500 participants, 135 speakes, and three music bands. According to the commissioned report, information about the event reached 45,700,871 recipients.