It Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t Really Happening für Europa, Integration und Äusseres/CC BY 2.0

Polish Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz successfully moves forward with strengthening Poland’s position in NATO structures – especially as regards a counter-intelligence centre which is currently being formed. Thus the time has come for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski to go on the offensive as well.

Waszczykowski started the new year with issuing a proposal to the Prime Minister Cameron, who, after all, needs some success as far as a change of the rules of dealing with the immigrants from the EU is concerned – a change demanded by the British public opinion. A change for worse, to say the least.

In the name of declared by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) special care for the Poles abroad and strengthening the relations with them, Mr. Waszczykowski proposes to sacrifice the social rights of our countrymen living in the United Kingdom in exchange for the British support for the permanent NATO bases. I’m not against such bases, quite the opposite, actually – but somehow I’m not fond of this deal. It’s surprisingly easy for the Law and Justice’s minister to put the Poles from across the La Manche channel on sale – a thought of what could happen to our countrymen in Russia if there was an offer of a barter for the Smolensk plane makes my flesh creep.

Perhaps, regarding the NATO bases, the minister is determined by the threats he pinned down in his statement for the German tabloid Bild. It turns out that the current team is defending Poland from the leftist (Marxist?) concept according to which the world is heading towards the mixture of races and cultures, domination of cuclists and vegetarians supporting only the renewable sources of energy (dreadful indeed, isn’t it?).

In view of the matter put in such way, the deal with the British coined by Minister Waszczykowski seems to have some merit to it. For ages, even the most gallant knight has been getting cold feet at the sight of cyclists stuffing themselves with tofu, who would rather wear photovoltaic cell than folk peaked cap. In addition, all of them follow the Marx’s order to concentrically attack our beautiful land made of coal and sawdust.

It would all be amusing, if it wasn’t really happening. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland acts as if he was a live advertisement of some tv program or a publishing house famous for Polish jokes. Because could there even be another, more rational explanation to that?

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Translated by Kuba Szafranski