Let’s Not Raise Minimum Wage, Let’s Abolish It! [4liberty.eu Newsletter]

Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts: Trompe-l’oeil: Letter Rack with an Hourglass, a Razor and Scissors (ca. 1664) // Public domain

The February issue of the 4liberty.eu Newsletter provides an overview of the articles published on the 4liberty.eu website, serving as a starting point for further exploration.

Elena Leontjeva (LFMI): Shortening Our Work Week, or Reddest Apples of Eden

The idea of a 4-day working week has already captured minds in many places around Europe. Like UBI, it is a devilishly sweet temptation that is almost impossible to resist.

minimum wageStepan Drabek (CETA):
Prima facie, it would seem that the introduction or increase in the legal minimum wage would lead to a decrease in the unemployment rate in a given economy, as it encourages the unemployed to look for jobs that are more generously paid thanks to the government’s support measure. Such a view takes into account only labor supply. However, the wage of a worker (i.e. the price of labor) in the free market is determined not only by the supply of labor but also by the demand for it.

Bartlomiej Jabrzyk (FOR):

The Donald Tusk’s government submitted a new draft state budget for 2024 to the Sejm on December 19, 2023. Following rejecting of the budget implementation act by the president, the government presented a new bill on special solutions for the implementation of the budgetary act for 2024.

Tinatin Khidasheli (NESG):
Following the publication of the Sino-Georgian strategic cooperation statement, discussions on the ups and downs of this document have become a focal point in the Georgian media. This is not surprising since the issue concerns one of the largest and most ambitious states in the world, and its foreign policy moves are constantly at the center of attention.

Liberte! & ELF 

Monitoring and Safeguarding Democracy with David Koranyi [PODCAST]

Can Hungary be considered a democratic country? What challenges does the potential Donald Trump’s victory in the United States pose to democracy? And what is it that the Action for Democracy aims for? Leszek Jazdzewski (Fundacja Liberte!) talks with David Korányi, President of the Action for Democracy. Tune in for the talk!

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