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The Lithuanian Free Market Institute has introduced its first Index of Municipalities in Lithuania which was compiled using a unique methodology. Using overall 55 indicators, the Index measures the performance of municipalities. This project was aimed at creating a useful and convenient tool for gauging the performance of municipalities’ economic and social policy, at measuring and increasing the efficiency, the accountability and the competitiveness of Lithuanian municipalities. The Index will enable municipalities to improve their performance via comparing themselves with other municipalities and to develop competitiveness and the best practice sharing tradition in the Lithuanian municipal system. In addition, it will serve as a tool to advance cooperation between private and public bodies, civil participation in policy debates and trust in liberal policies.

In response to the on-going financial crisis in the euro zone, LFMI, a leading economic policy think-tank in Lithuania, has worked out and submitted to responsible institutions a plan which would help countries exiting the euro zone to build stable and sound money. LFMI‘s proposal can be also used by the euro zone when attempting to strengthen the euro and to restore people‘s confidence in the single currency.