The government of Hungary spent the last few years informing the people with flyers, political surveys and billboards, that the “illegal immigration” is becoming a bigger problem day to day. During this process, lots of misleading or simply incorrect facts came out, not only abut the migrants, but even about the EU itself.

A morning of June 24 was like no other. Some people were woken up in the early hours by a piercing sound of their mobile phones, when their friends wanted to reach them. Others anxiously climbed out of their beds. Most of them immediately switched on BBC news on their tellies only to find out that their worst fears came true – the majority of British citizens voted ‘leave’ in the EU referendum.

photo: League of Women Voters in California

As the portal writes Czech government adopted a proposal concerning national referenda which gives Czechs the chance to vote in referendum on important national and foreign issues. According to the proposal calling referendum 250,000 signatures under a petition and for the referendum to be valid the turnout cannot be lower than 50% of the voters. The latest referendum in Czech Republic took place in 2003 and Czechs voted in favour of joining the European…