The 2014 Liberty Camp

INESS, Students for Liberty CZ and The Language of Liberty Institute

have an honour to invite you to

The 2014 Liberty Camp


October 1 – October 5, 2014


Zámecký penzion Rotunda
Břeclav, Czech republic

What is The Liberty Camp?

  • The purpose of the Liberty Camp is to explore liberty from various perspectives – economics, philosophy, history and law – while practicing English. Liberty is a precondition for a sustainable and prosperous society, but the creation of wealth is only possible thanks to entrepreneurs. The necessity of liberty for entrepreneurship as well as skills for creating a viable business plan enrich the camp’s main focus. Our lecturers bring a wealth of experience from both areas, and will not only teach but also provide you with plenty of inspiration and advice.

  • We will also discuss the causes of and potential solutions to the current economic crisis spreading across the globe.

  • One of the goals of the camp is to improve participants’ language skills. This means that the camp is a good option also for those who are not fluent yet in English. Small group discussions will help them to “just start talking”. Participants should be able to understand written English text. The teachers are experienced in giving lectures to foreigners, and their speech is clear and understandable.

  • The first of the camps was organized 15 years ago in Lithuania. The organizers and instructors have years of experience with the camps.

  • In previous years we had participants from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia countries. This year we also expect various international composition.

  • There is no upper age limit, but we do ask that participants be at least 17 years of age so that we can address more complex subjects.


How is the camp organized?

  • Every group of max. 8 participants will attend nbso online casino four lectures per day, each for 60 minutes. The lectures are designed to provide enough time for the participants and lecturer to thoroughly discuss the topic.

  • Participation in the evening programs is voluntary, but the debates and lectures provided by the organizers should prove attractive. Participants will have the opportunity to present their opinions and business ideas. Lecturers will make themselves available all day long to any participant with questions related to the topics.

  • The emphasis on discussion and debate will help participants improve their spoken English, conversation skills and technical vocabulary.

  • Participants are not evaluated during the camp, but will receive a certificate proving they can use English in logical argumentation and constructive thinking.

Teachers include:

  • Glenn Cripe (USA)
  • Andy Eyschen (AUS)
  • Robin Koerner (USA)
  • Radovan Ďurana (SVK)
  • Juraj Karpiš (SVK)
  • Jan Škapa (CZK)

Registration form and details available here

We provide scholarships for limited number of international participants.

More information about The 2014 Liberty Camp can be found here.