4liberty.eu for EaP

At the beginning  of April our network will launch new project called: “4liberty.eu for EaP” thanks to the support of Visegrad Fund.

The aim of the project is to transfer experience of our organisations in shaping public attitudes and communicating the benefits of democratic transformation and European integration to EaP countries. We also want to strengthen regional cooperation among organisations from the EaP countries by possibilities that 4liberty.eu can offer. We will engage high profile, liberal, non – governmental organisations from Eastern Partnership countries into experts work of 4liberty.eu network.

Among different activities within the project we will organise the international workshops in October 2014 and we will publish two numbers of “4liberty.eu Review” in print.

The official application was proposed by Fundacja Industrial (Liberté!), Centre for Liberal Studies, Republikon Institute, INESS and Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting. The project is open for all members of our network. We will be searching for more partners from EaP countries.