4liberty.eu N E W S L E T T E R [MAY 2022]

Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts: Trompe-l’oeil: Letter Rack with an Hourglass, a Razor and Scissors (ca. 1664) // Public domain

The May issue of the 4liberty.eu Newsletter provides an overview of the articles published on the 4liberty.eu website, serving as a starting point for further exploration.

Mate Hajba (Free Market Foundation): Five Recommendations for Liberals
The war in Ukraine disrupted the illusory peace in Europe. Illusory, because Russia has always been a looming threat to the integrity of the continent, albeit in a less tangible way than a full-on war. Russia has been exercising its soft power and cyber capabilities on the European Union, and let’s not forget that it has invaded parts of Ukraine and Georgia a couple of years before the current situation.
Tanja Porcnik (Visio Institut):
On April 24, a parliamentary election took place in Slovenia. The results reflect a clear message from voters that the government needs to change. In mature liberal democracies, a change in government is a time for reflection for all involved in the politics of a country.

Slawomir Dudek & Marcin Zielinski (FOR:

More Out-of-Control Funding in Poland: What Can Go Wrong?

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Polish Law and Justice government began to work on creating two new funds in the state-owned Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to finance “systemic aid” and additional military spending.

Vytautas Zukauskas (LFMI):

What Is Happening with Money and Prices?

The 20th anniversary of the euro was marked by an increase in price inflation. In the euro area, annual consumer price inflation reached 5% in December 2021. Lithuania recorded the highest rate of 11%.

ELF & Liberte!:

Poland and Hungary Versus Rule of Law and EU Funds [PODCAST]

In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Leszek Jażdżewski (Fundacja Liberté!) welcomes Gabor Halmai, Professor and the Chair of Comparative Constitutional Law and the Director of Graduate Studies at the Law Department at the European University Institute. They talk about the rule of law, EU funds, and the socio-political situation in Poland and Hungary.
Martin Vlachynsky (INESS):
The number of health professionals is a globally discussed issue. The WHO expects 18 million missing health professionals by 2030, mainly in lower- and middle-income countries. Two out of five active doctors in the United States will be 65 years of age or older in the next decade.

Liberalni Institute:

Czech Tax Freedom Day 2022

Czechs have to hold out for one more month. After June 17, 2022, they will start earning for themselves. Until then, for 167 days, they work only for the state. That makes this year one of the least free since the Liberal Institute has been counting Tax Freedom Day since 2000.

Oksana Kuziakiv (IER):

Optimism Despite Uncertainty: Results of First Monthly Survey of Ukrainian Enterprises

After the deterioration of all performance indicators and, sometimes, shutdowns in March and April 2022, Ukrainian manufacturing enterprises will resume production in the next 1-2 months. These are the results of the first monthly enterprise survey conducted by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting in May 2022.