4liberty.eu N E W S L E T T E R [NOVEMBER 2023]

Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts: Trompe-l’oeil: Letter Rack with an Hourglass, a Razor and Scissors (ca. 1664) // Public domain

The November issue of the 4liberty.eu Newsletter provides an overview of the articles published on the 4liberty.eu website, serving as a starting point for further exploration.

Andriy Butin and Daryna Shapovalova (IER Kyiv): Bilateral Difficulties: What Is Going On at Ukraine’s Borders?

Even before the war, crossing Ukraine’s border with the EU was not a pleasant experience for tourists and businesses. The war has intensified the problems, as the western land border has become a bottleneck for passengers and cargo. As a result, queues at the border and related infrastructure problems remain a challenge for Ukraine and its western neighbors.

Sara Kende (Republikon Institute):
The EU’s Green Deal is a package of policy proposals introduced in 2019 by the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The aim of the package, which President von der Leyen described as “Europe’s man on the Moon moment” is making Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, decoupling economic growth from resource use, while ensuring that “no person and no place is left behind in the transition.”
Mate Hajba (Free Market Foundation):
The railway line between Budapest and the West-Hungarian town of Győr is being renovated to breathe new life into the struggling public railway system. Győr, incidentally my hometown, features two university buildings connected by a skybridge shaped like a railway car. As of recently, these few meters are the only reliable means of long-distance transportation that railcars can carry passengers in the country.
Jan Mosovsky (Liberalni Institute):
With many countries in Central Europe in the election season and with the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza, the war in Ukraine has somewhat disappeared from the front pages. Indeed, several leading political forces in Central Europe have become less outspoken about their support for Ukraine or have indicated an intention to scale it down, hoping to regain support from populist factions.

Economic Freedom Foundation:

Business Versus Politics

It is difficult to do business with a country whose politicians are detached from reality and do not understand today’s world because they are afraid of it, says Arkadiusz Mus, founder of Press Glass, No. 9 on Forbes magazine’s list of 100 richest Poles and owner of assets worth more than PLN 4.5 billion, about Poland under the rule of Law and Justice (PiS).

Ricardo Filipe (Young Voices):

Punitive Policies Only Hurt Smokers, Including Those Trying to Quit

Recently, lawmakers across the European Union have begun to take a great interest in tobacco products. While their motives might be sound, the policy approach they have adopted towards cigarettes is likely to be counter-productive. Politicians seem determined to take new steps to restrict the use, sale and advertising of tobacco products and directly limit the civil liberties of smokers. Unfortunately, this is likely to overjoy criminals who profit from the illicit tobacco trade.

ELF & Liberte!:

How to Fight and Defeat Populist Candidates in Elections [PODCAST]

In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Leszek Jażdżewski (Fundacja Liberté!) welcomes Arun Chaudhary, Creative Director at the Social-Changes, a former Creative Director of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, and an official videographer of the White House under Barack Obama’s presidency. They talk about being a filmmaker to President Obama and what President Joe Biden should do next, but also touch upon elections in Argentina, the result of the recent election in Poland and lessons from voter mobilization.