4liberty.eu Review #4 Is Already Available Online and for Download!


We have the pleasure to present you the fourth issue of the 4liberty.eu Review. This time, we have decided to devote our magazine to the key issues many European societies face: populism, radicalisms and migration. For the first time you may not only read the issue online via issuu.com but also download it directly in Full Version and as Separate Articles (find links below).

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From the Editors_Review_4
Eszter Nova_Demand for Populism as a Symptom of Learned Helplessness__Review_4
Yavor Alexiev_Economic Populism in Bulgaria and Its Consequences__Review_4
Kamila Łepkowska_Europeans and the Market Economy_Weakening Ties__Review_4
Marek Tatała_The Economic Costs of Populism_Poland Should Learn from Greece’s Mistakes__Review_4
Miłosz Hodun_The Winner Takes It All_Kaczyński, Orban and Ponta Versus Constitutional Courts__Review_4
Daniel Mikecz_Rethinking Populism_Top-Down Mobilization and Political Actions Beyond Institutions in Hungary__Review_4
Mate Hajba_Radicalism in Hungary of Today__Review_4
Tomasz Kamiński_Radicalism, Populism or Nationalism_All Three in One__Review_4
Martin Reguli_Radicalism of the CEntral European Countries in Response to the Immigration Issue__Review_4
Zora Hesova_The Mainstreaming of Islamophobia in the Czech Republic__Review_4
Totalitarianism in Europe Is Not Finished_Interview with Professor Aviezer Tucker of Harvard University__Review_4