Do Not Let Terrorists Win

Francisco Goya: War Scene // Public domain

Israel’s human rights record is not untarnished, a fact which is amplified in the recent war in Gaza. It is right that Israel should be held accountable for its actions. However, this certainly does not mean that Israel does not have the right to defend itself against Hamas and other Iranian proxies, even if war measures are necessary. Nor should it relativize the horrors committed by the oppressive terrorists who attacked the civilians of a democratic country.

The simple truth is that Hamas had committed a terrible crime, not only against Jews but against humanity. Hamas is not providing basic services to Palestinians but uses funding to arm itself. International aid takes up the job of helping locals, but through this Hamas benefits, and Palestinians are suffering. Then, of course, Israel is being blamed for it.

Israel is targeting terrorist groups whose members are targeting civilians. Israel is a democratic country where the government can be, and most importantly should be, held accountable. If the people in charge are not abiding by the rules of the country, if they are committing war crimes or violating human rights, they should be investigated and put on trial if need be. Terrorists should also face the consequences of their actions, but even if they are in charge of countries or territories, they are not democratic and they cannot be held accountable by democratic institutions. They can only be brought to justice through force.

Disproportionate criticism of Israel is a form of antisemitism and as such antisemitism is on the rise. Pro-Palestine protests spread and often collectively blame Jews for all sorts of problems, rather than the actions of certain Israeli leaders, while turning a blind eye to the acts of terror committed by Hamas and other terror groups, usually supported by Iran.

Calling for an investigation over certain incidents and finding individual culprits in one thing can be a legitimate demand but wanting to eradicate a whole ethnic group must not be tolerated.

Israel just like any other country can do things that go against international conventions. The USA is not innocent in this and was rightly criticized. That does not relativize the actions of terrorists. The deliberate murder of civilians is an absolute and unquestionable crime of the most dire nature. In democratic countries governed by the rule of law, guilty people are put on trial and convicted if found guilty. Terrorists indiscriminately murder people to create fear. Fighting against those who want to see masses of innocent people die is justified.

Israel has the right to defend itself and to fight against Hamas and other terrorist groups. And humankind as a whole has a moral obligation to fight against anyone who questions the existence of any group of people and actively calls for their distraction, whether the discriminated group are Jews, Muslims, Christians, sexual minorities, or people discriminated against for their ideologies.

Antisemitism is an ever more pressing problem and all of mankind, regardless of political, or religious persuasion or ethnic background should fight against it. Otherwise, the terrorists will win.

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Mate Hajba
Free Market Foundation