Ewa “The-Ticking-Bomb” Kopacz

Photo: Jarosław Roland Kruk / Wikipedia. Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0
Photo: Jarosław Roland Kruk / Wikipedia. Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0

How to foresee an imminent crisis in the government? – Ewa Kopacz called a press conference.

The biggest threat for the stability of the government is the prime minister herself. With her answer to the question whether we should export military weapons to the Ukraine (“You know, I am a woman” will be a permanent feature of the Polish internet lexicon), the prime minister has revealed why even those interested in politics cannot remember any of her earlier appearances in media.

She was shrewdly avoiding them. However, as the prime minister of the Polish government, she will not have a chance to do so anymore.

Perhaps somebody had whispered into her ear to try to emphasise her womanhood and motherliness, “Poland as a home, ruled by a woman”. Yet even the words of advice, given by Piotr Tymochowicz, need to be taken cautiously. Any reference to a man with a sharp tool or a tight shirt made by Mrs Kopacz, is nothing but verging on the absurd. Sadly, it’s leaning on the ridiculous.

No matter how well-known or not, any new politician nominated for the President of the council of ministers is discovered anew in the new role. Usually within the first few weeks of their term, the President-in-office defines the outline of the political program and decides on how they wish to be perceived by the public. Mr Marcinkiewicz was the people’s champion, Mr Buzek – a likeable yet clumsy reformer, Mr Miller – a mean “iron chancellor”, Mr Tusk – a teflon-coated master of overcoming the multiple crises, etc.

The Prime Minister Kopacz had an opportunity to take the notorious sceptics by surprise by making use of the initial capital granted to her as a new prime minister, a chance to show she is determined, competent, and independent. That was a potential purpose of the happy snapshot, where she poses between the smiling Mr Schetyna and Mr Grabarczyk. “All together again, all hands on deck.” Irrespective of the crew in full force, if the captain has no idea where to go, the lack of competence is shown essentially in the first words uttered.

The first crisis that Prime Minister Kopacz is facing might be the beginning of the end of her term. Today’s allies smiling in the group photo will then start the already open battle for power.

People wanted to believe Donald Tusk. This was one of the secrets of his consecutive terms of office as a prime minister. However, it is difficult to believe Ewa Kopacz. Therefore she will only ever be remembered as an interim prime minister.


 Translation: Małgorzata Wiśniewska