He Reminded Us of What Is Wrong

The truth can hurt. It hurt brave knights of the 4th Republic of Poland when a judge (who was not known some days ago) expressed his opinion on the methods of investigations, which were led by the state authorities in the times when the Law and Justice party was in power. Additionally, judge Tuleya mentioned it in the context of the recognition of guilt of Dr G., indicating however that the complaint about the methods used can be filed with the Prosecutor’s Office.

It kicked up a huge fuss – not because the judge said something new, but because these words were said by someone from the outside of the political world whose representatives say different things and nobody treats it seriously. Many bitter words were said about the lack of responsibility and about exaggerated comparison with Stalinism. And also about the fact that in Stalinist times heroes were tormented and here it is all about a man whose guilt has been proclaimed by the same judge.

Here, a following dominant feature of our right wing came to light – the lack of rules apart from the rule of “Kali’s morality”. Our people are tormented – it is bad but when we torment other people, it is OK.

Judge Tuleya reminded us of something obvious which should be in force independently of everyone’s political views – there are methods which should be prohibited. It does not matter whether they are used in the case of guilty or not guilty people, our people or strangers. Before the sentence everyone is innocent. Even after the sentence everyone has their rights and is still a human being. The conveyor method is wrong. Period.

Reactions on his comment do not give our political class credit. The ones who praise the judge, lessen the importance of his statement and try to associate it with their political “banners”. The ones who criticise him, lay bare their cynicism and the lack of rules.

The independence of court gives a judge the possibility to estimate the situation he or she has to deal with independently of its political connections. The reaction which we can see is threatened by the “heroes” of press conferences, which took place at that time, with filing

a petition for violating the protection of the personal interests and for defamation. File petitions, prove that the end justifies the means, that the fight with corruption authorises night interrogations, anti-terrorists’ raids on people’s homes at dawn, while these people could be just summoned to interrogation, to a remand which is to obtain testimonies incriminating others, to force testimonies. You will bare yourselves completely.

I am glad that we have a judge who reminded us of things which are essential to our civilisation. Who is to be just if not a judge?

Translation: Anita Stradomska.

Proof – reading: Katarzyna Różańska.