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Institute’s publications:

1. Concepts of Liberty

  • Competition
  • Freedom
  • Liberalism
  • Market Economy
  • Responsibility

2. Occassional papers

  • The future task of Liberalism – A political agenda
    Theme Report, Liberal International Congress, Pisa,
    September 1988
    , Ralf Dahrendorf, 1988 (2011)
  • The Dutch health care system – Can the Germans go Dutch?, Marcel Canoy, 2010
  • American Health Care Policy Issues, Arnold Kling, 2010
  • Liberalism, liberal policy and private property, Stefan Melnik, 2009
  • Non-Centralism – The Swiss Experiment …, Robert Nef, 2009
  • The private Provision of Public Goods – The History and Future of Communal Liberalism, Fred E. Foldvary, 2009
  • The American Dream – Job Migration Into The United States, Thomas Cieslik, 2009
  • Migration matters – How Germany and the world can benefit from a free movement of people, Philippe Legrain, 2009
  • Freedom, The Rule of Law and Market Economy. Concerning a cognitive dissonance, Dr. Detmar Doering, 2011
  • Addressing Climate Change in the Context of Other Problems ? A Plea for Realism over Ideology, Indur M. Goklany, 2009

Full list of occasional papers can be found here.

3. Ideas on Liberty

  • Who Owns Broccoli? Intellectual Property Rights in a Liberal Context, Steffen Hentrich Csilla Hatvany (Hrsg.), 2011
  • Liberal Readings on Education, Stefan Melnik, Sascha Tamm, 2008
  • Handbook of Transformation to Market Economy, Bibek Debroy, 2008
  • Less is more, Patrick Welter, 2007
  • Towards a Global Competition Order, Henning Klodt, 2005
  • Balance of Power, Globalization and the Capitalist Peace, Erich Weede, 2005
  • In Praise of Non-Centralism, Robert Nef, 2004
  • Freedom, Prosperity and the Struggle for Democracy, Stefan Melnik, 2004
  • Readings in Free Trade, Detmar Doering, 2004

Summaries and PDF files can be found here.

4. Liberal Thinkers – information about ideas and publications of:

  • Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Karl R. Popper
  • Robert Nozick
  • John Stuart Mill
  • John Locke
  • F.A. von Hayek
  • Benjamin Constant
  • Frederic Bastiat

Files can be found here.

5. Policy papers on:

6. News Reports, Background Papers (in German), FNF International News – more information here.

Full list of Liberales Institut’s publications: