Poems of Liberty: Project Europe 2050

What comes to your mind, when you think about poems? For some, poems are no more than the countless lines they had to read in school, an anecdote by that one family member at a celebration or their aunt’s inspirational quote on a nature backdrop on Facebook. For others, it opens up a whole world of opportunities, stories, adventure and amazement.

When you find a poem that speaks to you, it can feel like the whole world pauses for a second. Poems can inspire thoughts, emotions and action. They parodied tyrants when no one else dared to, poems forever preserved the memories of heroes, and poems declared love among countless couples.

What better medium to explore the future of Europe in a new and creative way. As part of their Poems of Liberty series, the European Dialogue Programme of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Hungarian Free Market Foundation are launching a new edition under the motto Project Europe 2050!

The past few years have been challenging for the European project. The global health crisis, war in Ukraine, climate change, as well as rise of populism and illiberal forces at home and abroad keep decision-makers on their toes, with little time for long-term strategies.

But what would happen if we dared to dream? Imagine how inspired our political debate could be, if we thought beyond the next election promises and asked ourselves what kind of EU we would like to live in 2050. As part of Project Europe 2050 we are looking for YOUR input on three different aspects of this question: sustainability, participation, and a global perspective.

Choose a category and be inspired. All too often, future scenarios are gloomy and dystopian. We want create a positive outlook and let our imagination run wild with proposals for a better Europe. In 2050, what changed in your chosen category that would improve it? Take this situation or proposal and let your creativity take over! We will take all ideas, gathered from the poems, and reconstruct what would need to change today for it to become reality.

You will find a brief description of all categories and the terms of entry below. Two entries will be selected and published for every category and the authors will receive a 250€ honorary fee. The poems will be accompanied by a written analysis of the proposed ideas with regards to the EU today, as well as comics drawn by our Animate Europe comic artists.

Submission Categories


Climate change and environmental degradation are existential threats to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, the EU has passed the European Green Deal, to become a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. Their approach focuses on eradicating greenhouse gases by 2050, decoupling economic growth from resource use, and the slogan “no person and no place left behind.” How do we manage resources, energy and climate change as individuals, companies, states and institutions in the future?


The EU lives and breathes through its millions of citizens. We move freely, whether for leisure, education or employment, and enjoy the benefits the EU adds to our daily lives. More and more people celebrate a European identity while cherishing and sharing their national heritage. In the future, what does it mean to be a European citizen? Also, what does the future of democracy and participation in the EU look like?

Global Perspective

As an economic powerhouse and role model for intergovernmental cooperation, the EU has earned its place on the global stage. However, it also competes with established economic and defence leaders like the USA, while facing system competition with China and its growing influence in the EU’s partner countries and navigating the social responsibility of global trade. In the future, what positive role will the EU play in the world and why? Closer to home: What does the EU look like in 2050 anyway, regarding migration and borders?

Submission Procedure

If you would like to contribute to one (or more) of the three categories, please submit the following by April 16, 2023 via email at jana.weber@freiheit.org

Your poem in English

It is possible to provide the original poem in another language, should you feel more comfortable expressing yourself. We, however, request you also provide an English translation of the poem so that we can publish them side by side.

Information about your poem

What category are you submitting for?

Tell us a bit about the background/thoughts of your poem and idea for Project Europe 2050 (max. 1 page).

Information about yourself

Your full name and contact details;

Should your poem be selected for publication, we will provide you with a honorary fee agreement for the sum of 250€.

Please note that to participate in this competition, you have to reside within the European Union.

The article was originally published at: https://www.freiheit.org/european-union/poems-liberty-project-europe-2050

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