Reopening Poland

Adriaen van de Velde: The Migration of Jacob // Public domain

Freedom of movement is a very essence of liberal principles. Classical liberals argue that every individual has the right to live wherever they want. And wherever the individual decides to settle, they should enjoy the same freedom rights as residents and be treated equally by the law.

Free migrations benefits both newcomers and residents, as it enhances the division of labor and utilization of capital worldwide. It makes both immigrants and residents more prosperous.

Europe has been a destination for many immigrants for a long time but at the end of the 20th century and in the last two decades of the 21st century immigration has grown significantly. Long lasting conflicts and wars in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, but also recently in European regions, has caused the acceleration of migrations to the EU and within Europe.

This growth but also a rise of populism and nationalistic trends in Europe have triggered in the last decade an increase in negative attitudes toward immigrants. A lot of harmful myths about immigration and immigrants have arisen, such as immigrants taking away jobs of citizens or quite contrary, immigrants refusing to integrate and live only from social benefits.

These irrational beliefs are also present in Poland which has faced a demographic crisis for decades, and additionally currently a massive influx of immigrants from the region of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Our program intends to counteract these dangerous tendencies that demonize immigrants and immigration. Our objective is to educate on the positive implications of immigration for the economy, society and the state.

The program “Re-opening Poland” is an educational and analytical program addressed to decision and public opinion makers, about today’s understanding of the immigration and its significance for our economic prosperity. Our objective is to create a Road Map of the Polish freedom-based immigration policy that would outline the strategy and actions that should be taken.

This goal we will obtain through a series of workshops, meetings, debates in public institutions with a special focus on labor market but also healthcare system, education system, and local government’s programs addressed to immigrants that are to facilitate their adaptation and integration in a foreign country. The project is two-years long and in this longer perspective we intend to help in reducing pathology in employment of foreigners, raise the legal awareness of foreigners and their employers, design the legal solutions beneficial for both immigrants, the entrepreneurs and the society as a whole.

In short we intend with our program enhance peaceful cooperation in the society in order to eliminate impediments for growth of prosperity and freedom of individuals.