Reviving Classical Liberalism Against Populism

Reviving Classcial Liberalism
cover of the book

Populism poses a threat to liberty, free markets, and open society on all continents. How can this development be explained and what can be done about it?

These are the two first sentences of the new book written by Nils Karlson titled “Reviving Classical Liberalism Against Populism”.

In summary, the theme of the book is how to fight back against the populist threat to the free world. This book is the first to analyze populism from the perspective of classical liberalism. It explains how both left-wing and right-wing populists promote autocratization; it traces the ideational roots of the core populist ideas; it explores the populist versions of identity politics; and it discusses how liberals can fight back against the populist threat by reviving liberalism itself.  A core idea is to embrace and promote “the liberal spirit”.

It is free to download by open access:

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