Be Free with English – a New Online Project for Promoting Liberty

Liberty is a precious thing. Unfortunately it cannot be taken for granted all the time. It must be advocated, promoted and taught to keep it alive. There are different interpretations as to what liberty means and how best to realize it. Some say personal and economic freedom is paramount, some say individuals must take responsibility for themselves, while some think that free human interaction brings about liberty. The language of this interaction is English. Learning English will make people freer. It will expand their world and will open up countless new ideas. Learning English through liberty therefore is a very efficient way of getting to be free.

The Hungarian Free Market Foundation started an exciting new project which helps exactly with this. Be Free with English is an innovative language course which improves English skills through the medium of fun, pro-liberty materials. This way the learners will not only be able to master English but will be introduced to the idea and pragmatism of liberty as well.

During the one year course, people will be presented with 8 assignments each month which will gradually teach them how to take responsibility, why the free market is better, what it would be like if liberty was taken away. In the meantime, the difficulty of the assignments increases, challenging learners more and more, systematically improving their linguistic skills.

Teaching process is conducted by the means of a wonderful tool, called lingo, which integrates into a browser, and will test the learners on the materials they are presented with. With the help of this software, unknown words are no longer a problem. People just need to click on the words and lingo will instantly explain their meaning, moreover it will store those words, so they can be accessed at any time. To improve one’s vocabulary, lingo can quiz learners using these stored words.

The course is run by a staff of English teachers and pro-liberty leaders, who carefully design each assignment to gradually work towards a better understanding of both, the English language and liberty. The materials include articles, videos and comics as well as I, Pencil and works and recordings of Hayek, Friedman and Mises.

Many of the materials have been translated, but there is still a huge portion which is only accessible in English. It would be a sin to deprive people of the possibility to get to know these treasures. Learning English in this way opens up a whole new horizon in the advocacy of liberty.

If you are interested, you can find the free demo here:

Mate Hajba