The only way to limit damage to what has already been done would be to cancel the hatred-inciting referendum plan, MEP Urmas Paet writes. The principal damage to be done by this so-called marriage referendum that works to tear apart Estonian society is that the mere fact it will take place along with the base rhetoric that accompanies it will directly place a part of society in a situation where they feel unwanted. And an…


The Polish government’s war with both Brussels and a significant part of the Polish population over the rule of law is against Poland’s national interests. On October 26, the European Parliament adopted a resolution criticizing the Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s decision to ban over 95% of legal abortions in Poland.


In democratic societies, elections are determined by the vote of the people. The democratic process in the United States elected President Trump in 2016. Four years later, after all legal votes are counted and verified, the same process may require that he peacefully transfer that power to someone else.


Coalition negotiations started just one day after the election. It is already becoming apparent that a liberal influence will become visible. The clearly pro-Western and pro-European coalition will continue and even strengthen the previous course of support for the opposition in Belarus.