I, Citizen: New Project for Primary School Teachers in Poland

I, Citizen [Ja Obywatel(ka)] is a project aimed at primary school teachers in Poland. Through this platform, teachers gain access to a free database of teaching materials that supplement the core curriculum in the form of additional content.

A dedicated online platform offers ready-made assignments, topics for classroom discussion, interactive materials, key concepts and definitions, and other classroom activities. Teachers have full freedom in terms of which materials to use.

The proposed lessons present the discussed issues in accordance with the idea of ​​integrated teaching of complex issues in an innovative and engaging way. Nevertheless, depending on the subject taught, the teacher can freely manipulate the available materials to adapt them to their own and students’ needs.

After logging in, each teacher gains access to (ultimately) 12 sections, which cover thematic areas crucial for children and youth’s understanding of how the modern world functions. These include: work, poverty, exchange, ecology, social media, consumption, health, volunteering and helping, personality development, disinformation, robots, and responsibility.

Each chapter contains individual lessons designed around topics related to economics, ethics, and citizenship. The issues raised take into account three approaches: at the level of the individual, society, and in the global perspective.

All topics have been developed on the basis of the core curriculum, at the same time constituting its natural supplement and extension.

The primary goal of the project is to facilitate the work of primary school teachers involved in shaping minds and broadening the horizons of young citizens on their way to conscious development.

All content on the platform is free.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute as part of the Erasmus+ program.