It Is High Time to Sober Up

Who has caused the crash of a malaysian boeing? Putin, little green people? Not really. We all did. The European Union, NATO, UN, international community – everyone.

It is a standard that airways above the areas of military actions are closed. If we had called some things by their name from the start, no plane would have been shot down. Because above the Eastern Ukraine, where a war initiated by Russia is going on, no plane would fly.

But we have accepted Putin’s narration after all – that there are no Russian troops, no GRU officers and no technologically advanced Russian military equipment on this territory. Oh well, it is just the locals protesting against a bad, fascist junta from Kiev. Accidentally, this group of people consists of owners of Land Attack Vehicles, weapons of various calibre, surface-to-air missiles and other similar items of value. What hobbyists of militaries they are! Moreover, again accidentally of course, the leaders of those people are officers of Russian army and GRU.

We have accepted this narration and those are the consequences – tragic, resulting in hundreds of victims.

Even now, for the sake of protecting the affairs of French assault ship trade and German investments in Russia we are closely listening to how Kremlin talks nonsense about the Ukrainian responsibility for the disaster, about the innocent green people who love freedom in Donbas, at the same time looking for any philosophy to attach it to this nonsense in order not to find out the truth.

And we actually all know the truth already. I know it, Chancellor Merkel knows it and president Hollande does too. The Eastern Ukraine is facing a Russian aggression which is aimed at separating another – after Crimea – province of the Ukrainian state. Until we do not call this situation by its right name, until we do not apply sanctions against the aggressor, until international community is not going to take radical steps towards entering peacekeeping forces and creating buffer zones separating Russian aggressors from Ukrainian defending their country, the war will continue and it will cost another lives. Up to this point Ukrainians and Russian were dying. Now Hollanders, French, Americans have died too. Maybe it is high time to sober up? Maybe it is time to say to the satrap from Kremlin: that’s enough! Because he has lately crossed the final red line.

Translation: Olga Łabendowicz

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