With the president who is not willing to perform his duties as the guardian of the Constitution, it seems that it is thanks to the EU membership that there is still a kind of a safety net for Poland. Joining the EU back in 2004 now, in the light of the government that has set out to question the basic principles of European democracy, may prove a real lifesaver.


While creating the Energy Union, the EU should do its best to employ such mechanisms that would limit the regulatory power over the prices of sources and energy of individual states on the national level as much as possible. Such a solution applied to this specific market would – at least to some extent – secure a proper space for market principles and energy prices reflecting incomes of the citizens of a respective state.


Laurels shall be awarded to a smooth transition in the party and the government after Donald Tusk left for Brussels. First, he ensured not having any ‘number two’ in Civic Platform (he devoted the last two years to getting rid of Grzegorz Schetyna). Next, out of the blue, before the internal opposition was able to react and close its ranks in time, he appointed Ewa Kopacz to take his place.

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The Hot Wednesday wasn’t that hot after all. Greece denies need for the third bailout package. Spaniards don’t want any bailouts either. Rompuy has a plan. Americans don’t want to be left behind. The Judgment Day came, but it didn’t bring any shocking surprises. Bailout mechanism is not against the Constitution in Germany and the parliament can ratify it. The opponents got a little gift at least, the court forbade automatic ESM increasing over the initia capacity,…

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ACTA will not enter into force. Thousands of demonstrators opposed it. Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage – Bogdan Zdrojewski – discussed Polish drive for liberty and assumed that “we may also take pride in the protests of Internet users”. Nevertheless, everyone wonders why people started to demonstrate against the agreement. If nothing unexpected happens, the problem with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will be solved in the middle of the current year. The agreement…

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As The Warsaw Voice writes on Monday, March 26, there were protests of Solidarity trade union members against governmental plans to increase the retirement age. Several hundreds of protesters gathered in Warsaw, in front of the prime minister’s office. Trade unionists announced that protests would be held throughout whole week, on Wednesday they would move demonstrations to the front of the parliament. Meanwhile talks between two parties of the ruling coalition – Civic Platform (PO)…