4liberty.eu Review #6 Is Already Available Online and for Download!

We have the pleasure to present you the sixth issue of the 4liberty.eu Review. This time, in the light of the ever-changing nature of education systems, we have decided to devote our magazine to the topic of education from the point of view of the Central and Eastern European states in an attempt to provide an overview of possible solutions in this regard. Once again, you may not only read the issue online via issuu.com but also download it directly in Full Version and as Separate Articles (find links below).

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Olga Łabendowicz_Learning to Educate_EDITORIAL_Review 6

Detmar Doering_Back to Humboltd_Why Education Needs Freedom_Review 6

Jan Oravec_A Vision of Fundamental Reform of the Educational System in Slovakia and Elsewhere_Review 6

Robert Chovanculiak_How to Reform the Content of Education in Slovakia_Review 6

Miłosz Hodun_Education in Poland at the Service of the Ruling Party_Review 6

Daria Hejwosz-Gromkowska_Reforming the History Curriculum in Poland_The Good Change Strikes Back_Review 6

Gabor Horn_Hungarian Illiberal Democracy and the Role of Children_Review 6

Petar Ganev_Education and Inequality_Liberating Schools in Bulgaria_Review 6

Mihkel Lees_Estonian Education System 1990-2016_Reforms and Impact_Review 6

Mihkel Lees_Insreasing Children’s Physical Activity in Estonia_Review 6

Michal Hejl-Michaela Proskocilova-Ales Rod_Private Universities and Their Position in Czech Higher Education_Review 6