On July 30, the British magazine “The New Statesman” published an article by the famous philosopher John Gray on the life, intellectual achievements, and mistakes of Friedrich Hayek. Gray’s piece examines the Austrian’s economic and political views. It is almost as if Gray puts Hayek on trial, the verdict of which has already been decided upon.


Just before Christmas, it became clear that the prime minister and the two major labor unions had signed a memorandum which not only prevents raising the retirement age, but also fundamentally changes the pension model of Bulgaria. Noteworthy, the main agents behind this decision were the same people who in 2010 decided to steal 100 million leva from professional pension funds, thus breaking the Constitution.


Institute for Market Economics, Institute for Economic Studies – Europe and Friedrich Naumann Foundation organized a week long summer seminar in Bulgaria “Europe & Liberty”  (Bansko, 14-20 July 2012) The seminar gathered 35 students from various countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands and Bulgaria. Lecturers were Pierre Garello (France), Gregory Rehmke (USA), Carlo Lottieri (Italy), Krassen Stanchev (Bulgaria) and Petar Ganev (Bulgaria).


Institute for Market Economics joined the worldwide initiative Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day by organizing a special evening dedicated to Milton Friedman’s 100th Birthday (31 July 2012, Sofia). IME gathered up to 50 people to celebrate Friedman’s legacy and to discuss his ideas. The evening started with segments from the “Free to Choose” series and continued with short contributions by our three quest speakers – Kalin Hristov, Georgi Angelov and Petar Ganev. A review of…