Call for Papers: COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Rights

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In responding to the coronavirus pandemic exigencies, governments around the world have made vast and unprecedented decisions to combat the spread of the virus and protect lives.

Has the respect for human rights shaped responses to an unprecedented and global crisis, or have they been mandated at their expense? Have restrictions been proportionate, measured, and rooted in science and the law.Have quarantines, lockdowns, and travel bans complied with rights norms? Have coronavirus emergency measures been abused for attacks on human rights?

The Visio Journal Vol. 6 will explore these and other related questions to better understand the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has on the protection and implementation of the human rights.

Papers may focus on any or several of the following topics: Right to life and duty to protect life; Right to health and access to health care; Right to security; Freedom of movement; Freedom of assembly; Freedom of speech and expression; Media freedom; Right to privacy; Right to information; Right to Education; Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention; Right of equal access to and quality of justice; Freedom to religion; Minority rights; and Freedom from discrimination.

Submission Specifications

  • Type: Empirical with regional- or country-focus.
  • Length: 25,000–30,000 characters without spaces.
  • Style: Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, Author-Date system (
  • Text: In a Word file.
  • Figures and Tables: In an Excel file.
  • Language: English (American or British usage, but not a mixture of these). Submissions by non-native speakers will be accepted if they have already gone through the language editing to make sure that the submission is free of grammatical, spelling, and other errors.

Submission Deadlines and Review Process

  • MONDAY, January 11, 2020: Paper proposal with proposed title, concept note, and questions to be discussed submitted to Editor at with a subject line “The Visio Journal Proposal Submission.”
  • FRIDAY, January 15, 2020: Confirmation of selected authors/papers.
  • MONDAY, March 15, 2020: Manuscript submitted to Editor at with a subject line “The Visio Journal Submission.”
  • FRIDAY, March 19, 2020: Feedback on the manuscript.
  • MONDAY, March 29, 2020: Final version of the paper submitted.

Honorary Fee

For each paper accepted for publication in The Visio Journal No. 6, EUR 400 will be awarded to the author or authors of the paper.

To be eligible for a review process as well as for publication, manuscripts must be written, edited, and submitted according to the specifications and within the given deadlines.

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