Impregnated: Law and Justice and Its Blind Government

Aargambit|| Creative Commons

A letter from American senators (John McCain, Ben Cardin, Richard Durbin) to PM Beata Szydlo, a visit from the Venice Commission, a debate about the situation in our country in the European Parliament: what else has to happen for the Law and Justice’s government to open their eyes and see what is going on?

To be honest, I do not know. I worry that even if Barack Obama shouted at President Andrzej Duda (obviously, this would never happen in the world of diplomacy): “Mate, did you all in Poland go crazy?!”, what he would hear in return would be a calm, blissful: “Well, Mr President Obama simply doesnt have enough information about our country”. Thank goodness, (or, in fact, thank the Chairman Kaczyński), weve got public television that now broadcasts only good news about Poland.

The funniest/scariest (delete where applicable) thing is that ignoring the voices coming from around the world is typical for the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Lukashenko also said that no one should interfere in Belaruss internal business, whereas according to the Kim Jong Uns propaganda, North Korea is a land of milk and honey. After all, that is what is shown in Korean TV and TV does not lie.

Coming back to the point, CIA should actually feel offended with this sort of reply. Do you mean that those Americans do not know what is going on in Poland, who is its close ally? If I was their chief of intelligence, I would resign straight away.

The critical reaction to a situation in Poland of the US Senate, especially the limited role of the Constitutional Tribunal and public media is, at the moment, a number one topic amongst Polish journalists and experts. Tomasz Lis (a star journalist of TV and the Internet) wrote a bit more on that subject, but one thing was omitted.

Law and Justice, in their visual communications and rhetorics, has emphasized its proximity to American republicans on many occasions. At the same time, the main criticism of the governmental actions came from John McCain, who curiously enough is a republican. “Even you, Brutus!” – the Chairman of Law and Justice should cry. But he will not. Let us not forget that American senators “dont know enough about Poland”. And so it goes on.

I am usually cautious about all the remarks that Law and Justice carries out the policy of Putin. I am sure that they do not want to follow Moscow’s path. It is a shame, however, that weakened and divided Poland is a scenario, with which Putin has no problem.

Translated by Karolina Kostrzewa

Joanna Schmidt