News from Ukraine

Rostislav Artov via Unsplash

In the morning, we all heard explosions. Russians fired rockets at suburban areas of Kyiv several Russian helicopters were shot down, dropping something on some factories in Kyiv. The airports are fired at. It’s still hard to believe.

Russians say the civilian population is safe. It is not true.

We know that there were two bursts of borders near Kyiv. There are no panic, but of course people want to stock up on food. But now panic. Ukrainian army repulses.

We call on everyone to put pressure on their governments for urgent assistance to Ukraine. Russian authorities have crossed the all red lines, bit so far no real help and support has been received from our western friends.

Ukrainians are uniting, helping the army, because this is our hope.

We need your help in the form of solidarity with Ukraine.

The IER is working remotely.

Oksana Kuziakiv
The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting - Kyiv