Stakes of Game and Diversion Strategy

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On Friday, May 26, in the Sejm there was the passing and the signing of a bill to establish a commission on Russian influence by Andrzej Duda. This development marks a concerning step towards the establishment of an undemocratic state in Poland, where the principles of the rule of law are disregarded.

The Commission, lacking any appeal standards, provides a platform for politicians from one party to potentially eliminate their opposition counterparts from the political arena. This disregards established norms and highlights the high stakes involved in the political game of 2023.

However, it is important to recognize that PiS’s true objective, as always, is to divert media attention away from issues that directly impact their supporters and ordinary citizens, commonly referred to as the “normals” – individuals who are not actively engaged in politics. For them, the Commission is yet another brutal political maneuver that they do not necessarily comprehend. Their primary concerns lie in personal safety, the compromise of national security regarding the missing missile, inflation, rising prices, loan installments, and fears about the future of the economy. These are topics that directly affect their lives.

PiS shamefully secures itself through the Commission, exploiting the potential to engage in unacceptable tactics against their opponents. In a crisis situation, the Commission’s powers are likely to provide advantages to PiS. Therefore, all possible scenarios should be considered, including the apprehension that Andrzej Duda may unconstitutionally seek a third term due to the law’s temptations.

Nonetheless, the primary objective of PiS is to divert media attention away from the concerns of ordinary people. This strategy aims to secure electoral victories without outright eliminating political opponents, allowing PiS to claim triumph in the elections while maintaining the narrative that the Commission did not sideline anyone from political competition.

The opposition must bear these realities in mind when developing their own media platforms and strategies.

The article was originally published in Polish:

Translated by Natalia Banaś

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