Regular 4liberty.eu Think Tank meeting was hosted in Vilnius (Lithuania) on April 3-4, 2012. Representatives of 10 think tanks participated in the meeting to discuss joint projects and recent developments in their institutes – The Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Republikon Institute (Hungary), FOR (Poland), Projekt Polska (Poland), Liberte! (Poland), Institute for Economic and Social Studies (Slovakia), The F. A. Hayek Foundation (Slovakia), Liberalni Institute (Czech Republic), Institute for Market Economy (Bulgaria) and Academy of Liberalism…

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INESS invites to Seminar on Austrian Economics WHEN 19-22 April 2012 WHERE Hotel Odevák Odborárska 15, Piešťany Slovakia 4-day long intensive event for Slovak elite online casino canada Everyone who drives should take a safe driving defensive driving course or defensive driving classes. university students where renowned international and domestic lecturers introduce various aspects of Austrian school of economic thought. More information here.