Is the last fortification falling down? Spain used backup. American debt can ask for a driving license. And Bulgarians are ungrateful. Silly season ended in a big style. ECB decided on its meeting last week to resurrect the program of purchasing bonds of the problematic states under a new label. Forget SMP, here comes new and better OMT – Outright Monetary Transactions! Apart from bubbles of active oxygen, it also offers lack of limits, sterilization and consolidation….


In Spain it will be hot after the summer. Judgment day will be on September 12. Did you sell grandfather’s gold teeth in Italy? We are treating depression by delivering news about bad situation our neighbours are in. The heat is slowing down the pace of society, but if you think it will slow down the pace of the crisis in the Eurozone, you’d better check if you don’t have sunstroke. Even though the news…


Jánošík wasn’t Polish, he was Spanish! Two registered transactions at the commercial real estate markets in Italy in the second quarter. Did Angela soften after holidays? How Danica invests. Do you have peas in the freezer? And euros? When the children don’t want to leave home…  New hero in Spain is emerging. Spanish Jánošík. Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, mayor of Marinaleda – a town in southern Andalusia, is stealing in the supermarkets together with trade unions….