On July 24, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg pronounced a verdict on the treatment of two former prisoners of the clandestine and illegal prison established in the years 2002-2003 on Polish territory by CIA with the permission of the Polish authorities of that time.


25th anniversary of July, 4 1989 will definitely result in many commemorative addresses and summaries. We, however, people not much older than the 3rd Republic of Poland, linked to the Liberté! magazin circle, would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the challenges we might face in the future and to make this at the same time a joyful celebration of Polish freedom. Therefore we have decided to organize Freedom Games.

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Republikon Institute used data available from Eurobarometer to construct three categories among voting-age population in Europe: eurosceptics, who are dissatisfied with Europe; “soft eurooptimists”, who, in general, are comfortable with the depth of European integration, and “federalists”, who would give more power to Brussels. The Institute then looked at the ratio of these categories in different countries – with a special focus on Central Eastern Europe.

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ACTA will not enter into force. Thousands of demonstrators opposed it. Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage – Bogdan Zdrojewski – discussed Polish drive for liberty and assumed that “we may also take pride in the protests of Internet users”. Nevertheless, everyone wonders why people started to demonstrate against the agreement. If nothing unexpected happens, the problem with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will be solved in the middle of the current year. The agreement…

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As The Slovak Spectator writes, the results of the Central European Opinion Research Group’s survey concerning current economic situation in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary show that majority of citizens view the economic situation of their country negatively. 76% of surveyed Slovaks said that current economic situation in their country is bad, it was viewed positively only by 3%. 62% of Czechs see the economic situation in their country as negative, 7% consider it…