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As The Slovak Spectator writes on March 19 Robert Fico confirmed next nominations for the ministers in his government – Martin Glváč will become defence minister and Peter Žiga will serve as environment minister. The new government will take office next week, on April 4. The Slovak Spectator summarized already known nominations in a new government: Robert Kalinak will serve as interior minister, Peter Kazimir as minister of finance, Jan Pociatek as minister of transport,…

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As The Slovak Spectator writes Jana Dubovcová (former judge and SDKU MP) was appointed a new Slovak ombudswoman on March 28, 2012. She replaced Pavol Kandráč who was in the office of ombudsman for last two five-year terms. At the same time talks over new government are being held, the newest information is that Jan Počiatek, former minister of finance, will be appointed the new transport, construction and regional development minister. More information here.  …

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As The Slovak Spectator writes, the results of the Central European Opinion Research Group’s survey concerning current economic situation in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary show that majority of citizens view the economic situation of their country negatively. 76% of surveyed Slovaks said that current economic situation in their country is bad, it was viewed positively only by 3%. 62% of Czechs see the economic situation in their country as negative, 7% consider it…


About elections which delighted Europe, about some new ideas from the city on the Seine and about a bankruptcy that turned out to be a bankruptcy. A budget hatchet will be buried in Slovakia, and Robert Fico will be in charge of it. At least, this is what the last weekend’s election resulted in. Contrary to the election outcome in the year 2006, this time the results of the party SMER pleased the foreign countries….

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According to The Slovak Spectator Miroslav Lajčák will be new Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs. The rest of the ministerial nominations will be known on Monday, March 26. Apart from Lajčák’s nomination, it is already known that Marek Maďarič will  be culture minister, Robert Kaliňák – interior minister and Peter Kažimír – finance minister. More information here.  

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The Slovak Spectator presents the latest data concerning unemployment rate published by the Statistics Office. The unemployment rate in February 2012 reached13.76%, which means a monthly growth of 0.07%. In a year unemployment rate increased by 0.6%. The increase was observed in 6 out of 8 regions (unemployment rate decreased only in Trenčín and Bratislava regions). More information can be found here.  


This week about how FED doesn’t want to leave alone the “Print” button and what you can go to jail in Argentina for. In Europe, we will have a look at the biggest default in the history, hope that German Luftwaffe won’t take off, we mention Iron Lady and make fun of the new title Kill Bill Saving EU. Only a few days of falling stock markets after the press conference, when the governor of…

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INESS, Bratislava 7.3.2012 We added to our The State Waste database the whole proceeded year 2011. Database now consists of 824 documented cases of waste, clientelism and lawsuits brought up by the printed media since the year 2007. The total sum of revealed inefficient use of public funds in the year 2011 in the categories Waste and Lawsuits reached EUR 553.5 mil. It is not only the waste during this period of time but also…

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As The Slovak Spectator writes Robert Fico was asked to form a one-party government – situation like this has not happened since the fall of communism in 1989. Robert Fico initiated last week talks with other parties in the Parliament but all of them refused to be a part of coalition with Smer. 83 seats in the Parliament which Smer gained in the latest elections will suffice to set up a government of one party….

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On Saturday March 10, 2012 Smer won parliamentary elections in Slovakia receiving 44.41% of votes. The Slovak Spectator publishes today official results, confirmed by the Central Electoral Commission (ÚVK). They are as follows: 1. Smer – 44.41% 2. The Christian Democrats – 8.82% 3. The Ordinary People and Independent Personalities – 8.55% 4. Most-Hid – 6.89% 5. SDKÚ – 6.09% 6. Freedom and Solidarity – 5.88% The Slovak National Party SNS received 4.55% and Hungarian…