“Yes” to Civil Partnership Bill, No to Discrimination

Over 600 000 letters of protest from the webpage http://liberte.pl/zwiazki-tak were sent to The Prime Minister Donald Tusk and 46 Civic Platform members of parliament whom during Friday’s voting have rejected all three drafts laws of the partnership bill.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to express my deep indignation concerning rejection of draft laws of the partnership bill, including Civic Platform project. Thereby, You have proven that your way of thinking is determinated by the prejudices, rather than the interest of thousands of Polish citizens living in informal relationships. That kind of discrimination I consider as unacceptable. Unless you moderate your views on partnership, do not count on my support in the future. Sincerely,

More than 600 000 e-mails (precisely 648 177 – state of 13.00 on Tuesday, 29 January) with this content were sent from the magazine Liberté!  at the e-mail boxes of 46 Civic Platform members of parliament who have voted against the partnership bill. E-mails were also sent to the Chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk.

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“Anyone who wants to protest, signs with the name and surname and give the e-mail address. All emails go through our servers, so that we know exactly how many messages were sent at a time” – explains  Kamil Janiszewski, who in a few hours has created on the portal liberte.pl the mechanism of forwarding e-mails to the parliament members.

The idea was born spontaneously out of the embitterment of the debate level in Parliament, and above all, the disappointing decision of the Parliament, which ended up the debate on partnership bill before it really began.

“The impact of Friday”s unequivocal” no ” of the Parliament to any draft affect us all – because not only those directly interested by the partnership bill” – claims Marcin Celiński from Liberte!, one of the initiators of the action. Friday”s vote is a victory and the manifesto of the archaic, closed, intolerant, based on the principles of one of the churches, state. This is the state, which face and voice belonges to Krystyna Pawłowicz. “

The aim of the action is to build support for partnership, and to influence the Civic casino online Platform members of parliament, who have rejected even the minimalistic version of the draft laws created by a member of their own party and supported from the parliamentary rostrum by the Prime Minister Tusk. The organizers promise that – in various forms – actions concerning partnership bill, will be carried on as to achieve goals. The Minimum Plan includes at least the resumption of Parliament’s debate on the partnership bill and adoption of draft laws into the work of the committees.

Organizers of the protests are demanding a full disclosure of constitutionalists opinions which the Civic Platform club has ordered during the work on the project by Artur Dunin. They are to (as claimed the head of the club Rafał Grupiński on Monday at Counterintelligence RMF FM) clearly indicate that Jaroslaw Gowin (conservative member of Civic Platform), who appeared on Friday from the This colourful sign combination indicates that it is very hard to influence you!You can find dozens of celebrities with the Sun in aquarius horoscope Ascendant in Taurus combination on Astrotheme, listed in popularity order and based on our visitors” clicks. parliamentary rostrum and spoke about the unconstitutionality of the partnerships bills, deluded the rest of the members of parliament and the public opinion. If this is the truth indeed – as claims the editor-in-chief of Liberte!  Leszek Jażdżewski – “Gowin has abused his position as a minister of justice and should immediately resign.”

Błażej Lenkowski writes in his blog that Civic Platform inner divisions which has revealed during Parliament debate on partnership bill, especially the rising status of conservatives with Jarosław Gowin as a leader, soon can become a threat to this party. Friday parliament’s voting on civil partnership bill can turn out as tectonic convulsion for our political scene. Jarosław Gowin openly and clearly challenged Donald Tusk, which makes him obvious future leader of the Right Wing, who sooner or later will replace tired and unable to seize power Jarosław Kaczyński”.

“On Friday only few votes were missing at Parliament Room to apply at least one project to proceed for commission. But what is more important, at that day the Parliament  basically was lacking of culture. I have impression, that we are being represented by people who doesn’t respect each other and their voters. Homophobia, intolerance, lack of culture and respect for human being or partnership were triumphing. This is the fact, that in our action took part so many people who were outraged by the outcome of the voting, gives me hope that, nevertheless I live in normal people’s country but unfortunately abnormal politicians. – concludes „LIBERTÉ!” publicist Joanna Łopat.

Content of the messages sent from site  http://liberte.pl/zwiazki-tak can be also modified, and this option is often used by a lot of people, they are very often recent Civic Platform voters (all attached fragments of letters were made public by their authors).

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