Iceland does not have much chance to go wrong. The current system is sufficiently large a disaster to require trying something else. They experienced capital controls, hyperinflation and there are financial crisis on average every 15 years. The currency suffers from chronic degradation. It would be nice to take a chance on an experiment in a country where the changes of a poorly performing financial system cannot be impeded by too powerful bankers and politicians.


Jánošík wasn’t Polish, he was Spanish! Two registered transactions at the commercial real estate markets in Italy in the second quarter. Did Angela soften after holidays? How Danica invests. Do you have peas in the freezer? And euros? When the children don’t want to leave home…  New hero in Spain is emerging. Spanish Jánošík. Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, mayor of Marinaleda – a town in southern Andalusia, is stealing in the supermarkets together with trade unions….


Bouncer Ottmar Issing. ECB once again kept Greece in the game. Will the next five-year plan be merrier? Briefly today. Pandas are on holidays and without Angela Merkel who is having a rest and German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schauble, not much is going on in Europe. Mario Monti, Italian Prime Minister, informed Germans that he needs their help, not financial, but moral one. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy considers asking Europe for help. Not…