My, niżej podpisani przedstawiciele czternastu think tanków z ośmiu państw Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, będący członkami sieci, wzywamy przedstawicieli Komisji Europejskiej, Parlamentu Europejskiego oraz parlamentów narodowych do podjęcia decyzji opartej na rzeczowych dowodach ekonomicznych popartych badaniami i przyjęcia TTIP oraz wszystkich jego elementów, włącznie z mechanizmem ISDS.

The presidential project of the fiscal ordinance was supposed to improve this complex situation. The uncertainties in regulations were supposed to be interpreted in favour of the taxpayers. In other words, the responsibility for legal errors (bungles) would lie on the national state and not on physical persons.

Yes, I am a liberal, and despite the fact that many Poles consider this word a slap in the face, I don't feel ashamed by making this statement (let's treat it as a sort of political “coming out”). Why am I writing about it now? Well, because after the campaign “Secular School” has been launched, I got bored with constantly explaining the differences between a liberal and a leftwinger.

The conference organised by Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies on February 15-17 in Łódź gathered in Poland many distinguished individuals, including politicians, journalists, think tankers and many others, who were seeking the possible ways of helping Ukraine develop in the midst of the on-going conflict with Russia. Liberté! was media partner of the event.