Liberte! has a pleasure to inform that it the 11th issue of the magazine has just been released. It is devoted to the interwar period in Poland and includes articles concerning online casino politics, economy, social and cultural life of that period. Apart from the regular authors of Liberte! in this issue the interview with Adam Michnik can be found as well as section devoted to Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński.

photo: MFA/Jindřich Rambousek

Two years ago, here in Wrocław [at Wrocław Global Forum], you called United States and Europe “G2 of the world” and today you referred to them as “catamaran on stormy waters”, so I was wondering if you think that we can observe serious, permanent shift of power in contemporary world or just this storm that is going to pass? Well, I hope it’s a storm that is going to pass and I hope that we…