With the president who is not willing to perform his duties as the guardian of the Constitution, it seems that it is thanks to the EU membership that there is still a kind of a safety net for Poland. Joining the EU back in 2004 now, in the light of the government that has set out to question the basic principles of European democracy, may prove a real lifesaver.

About PLN 60 billion in spending and (in the beast case scenario) PLN 10 billion in extra revenue. PLN 40 billion of deficit. It seems that Poland can go broke within the forthcoming year. The question is whether Law and Justice (PiS) intends to sink the country or maybe Beata Szydło’s cabinet is designed to withdraw from the promises and fail so that Jarosław Kaczyński may step in and save the day?

Freedom Games 2015 took place in Lodz on October 15-17. For the two and a half day exhibiting 43 different events, over one hundred panelists and active participants together with almost half a thousand attendees gathered in the industrial space of the former power plant turned into an amazing EC1 – City of Culture building complex to discuss “How to Save Democracy?”.

My, niżej podpisani przedstawiciele czternastu think tanków z ośmiu państw Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, będący członkami sieci 4liberty.eu, wzywamy przedstawicieli Komisji Europejskiej, Parlamentu Europejskiego oraz parlamentów narodowych do podjęcia decyzji opartej na rzeczowych dowodach ekonomicznych popartych badaniami i przyjęcia TTIP oraz wszystkich jego elementów, włącznie z mechanizmem ISDS.