The rapid fall of the Afghan government and the hasty evacuation of refugees from Kabul’s airport provided ample opportunity for disinformation actors and media to spread streams of anti-American, anti-NATO and anti-refugee narratives. Accordingly, disinformation proliferated in the Slovak information space regarding the recent events in Afghanistan.


On August 10, the Slovak cabinet approved a series of changes to the COVID automat – an emotionally charged topic that had led to several anti-government protests in recent weeks. The new changes are due to come into force on August 16. They come after the last set of restrictions regarding the border regime was suspended by the Slovak Constitutional Court, giving the people who only got the 1st dose of vaccine the same rights as those who are unvaccinated.


Economic time series exhibit periodically recurrent movements at the daily, weekly, and monthly levels. Also known as seasonality, it has been usually treated as a nuisance to be removed prior to analysis. Often, data is already deseasonalised by data providers since it distracts from medium-term time trends and long-term cycles. Moreover, seasonality disappears when data are aggregated to a yearly basis – it is a phenomenon at work at shorter time frames. It is an…